Bursaries and Discounts


The Governors of Leweston School seek to maintain affordable fees for all pupils but Leweston offers a limited number of means tested bursaries to families every year. Bursaries are only awarded in cases of demonstrable need and it is expected that parents will make their children’s education a financial priority, with both parents expected to be in work before an application is made. All bursaries are subject to annual review and pupils must be registered with the school to make a Bursary application.

A full copy of the school’s bursary policy can be found here.

Sibling Discount

In recognition of our commitment to being a family school, for those families with more than one child attending Leweston at the same time there will be the following discounts on the current day fees:

1st Child   (youngest)                                        No discount

2nd Child                                                             5%

3rd and subsequent child (eldest)                 10%

These are applicable for Prep and Senior School Only. Nursery children do not qualify for inclusion until they move into Prep School.

Discounts are allocated to eldest children down to youngest.


Forces Discount

Leweston has many years’ experience in catering for the needs of Forces families. As a boarding and day school we offer a range of different boarding options which allows pupils and their families to find a style of boarding that works well for them, be it full, weekly or flexi boarding.

For those entitled to the MOD’s Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) the competitive fee structure at Leweston leaves families to pay 10% of our published boarding fees after taking into account their full entitlement. For those families who do not qualify for CEA we offer a remission of 20% of on our current day fees for HM forces families from Year 3 upwards.

To find out more please contact the Admissions Team on 01963 211015 or email admissions@leweston.dorset.sch.uk.

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