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The Leweston Society

What is the Leweston Society?
The Leweston Society is a social body that exists for the benefit of Old Antonians, all parents, former parents, staff and supporters of Leweston School. It is the umbrella structure under which all associates of the Leweston Community can come together, and as members of the Leweston Society, can continue to develop their links with the School and each other.

Why do we need it?
Leweston School has benefited, and continues to do so, from so many people in our history - from our scholars, supportive parents, our parish members to our past and present staff and governors. We would like Leweston School and its beautiful grounds to be enjoyed by all who have contributed to our success and hence the birth of the Leweston Society for your benefit.

What will it do for you?
The Leweston Society undertakes to provide the facilities and opportunities for all members to meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere at a number of social occasions and other various activities. You are welcome to take part in many events as you wish and we hope that when you do attend any of the activities that we will always provide a warm and enjoyable reception. We would like you as members of The Leweston Society to benefit from your association to us.

• To provide the opportunity for Leweston School and its grounds to be enjoyed by all.
• To promote and preserve friendship and communication amongst all members.
• To provide the framework within which social and other events can take place.
• To promote and support the work of Leweston School and provide assistance in fundraising appeals.