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Update your Details

We wish to stay in touch with as many Old Antonians as possible as we assist in reuniting old friends and keeping all alumnae up-to-date of news, events and reunions.

If you have changed your address, please allow us to update our records and inform us of your new contact details by filling in the form below.

There is a section on the form asking if you would like to be a Mentor.  To clarify what this entails, this scheme is to put girls past and present considering a particular career in touch with an OA who has already chosen that path and, in recognition of how difficult travel to Leweston can be for those who are not locally based, the scheme would run entirely on email and telephone contact.

We are looking for OAs willing to vlounteer as mentors in a wide variety of fields.  Mentors will not necessarily be called upon every year but the aim is to create a list of willing OAs who can be contacted.

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If you have any newspaper cuttings about yourself or other alumnae, please send a copy to the Alumnae Office. We would also be very happy to receive copies of books or articles published by our Old Antonians.

Thank you for keeping in touch!