Leweston Passes recent ISI Inspection

Last term Leweston School underwent a two day inspection by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI) which is the body approved by the Department for Education for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations.

The report fell into two parts: a whole school regulatory compliance inspection and a report on the quality and standards of the Early Years Foundation Stage (‘EYFS’) which covers the provision of care and education in the Nursery and Reception.  The inspectors confirmed that Leweston was compliant in all eight areas and judged all EYFS provision to be in the top ‘outstanding’ category.

Mrs Kate Reynolds, Head, said “Whilst the EYFS report includes a narrative that conveys the exemplary standards, ethos and outstanding care in Nursery and Reception, the regulatory compliance inspection can only have one of two outcomes: ‘met’ (as in our case) or ‘not met’ and therefore lacks the reference to ‘outstanding’ found in our 2015 report.   This does not do justice to the plethora of regulations concerning your children’s safeguarding, curriculum provision, extra-curricular experiences and pupil voice that require documentation, observation and discussion before the final decision is reached.

I am extremely grateful  to all our staff, both teaching and support, whose consistently high standards and expectations resulted in such a positive outcome but, in particular, to Lloyd Beecham, (Deputy Head Pastoral), Alanda Phillips (Head of Prep), Gus Scott-Mason (Bursar) and Matt Van Koutrik (Site Manager). Together they have kept up to date with ever changing legislation and adopted a system that ensures we remain compliant and your children remain safe.  Thank you, too, to all those parents who completed the ISI on line questionnaires. These were overwhelmingly positive and reflected the exceptional pastoral care and academic support from which Leweston pupils’ benefit.

The welfare and progress of our pupils is our raison d’etre and I am thrilled that the high standards we provide, from the youngest child in Nursery through to our Sixth form leavers, have been recognised by ISI.  Particularly pleasing was recognition of how much we as a team, and, by and large, a new team since the last inspection, have come on with pastoral care and boarding provision as well as the regulatory requirements that can be such a trip wire for the unprepared.  That said, we are far from complacent, and the inspectors shared some excellent examples of good practice that we plan to implement to improve your children’s experience at Leweston.

Please click here for the full ISI Report.