Leweston Retreat

This year's Retreat was led by CAFOD and involved three year groups, Years 10, 7 and 5, that got involved in three brilliant workshops. The first workshop, 'Wateraid', focused on the difficulty of living without water. Years 10 and 5 thought about the implications of life without clean running tap water.

Year 10 then worked in groups to think about 'Being a Project Manager'. They had to decide which project might be the most beneficial to struggling communities and debated their decisions in a lively workshop which was thought provoking and stimulating

Year 5 later joined Year 10 and Year 7 for the 'Refugee' workshop.  The pupils were divided into family groups and had to make decisions about what they could take with them if they were displaced from their homes.  During the role play they had to ‘lose’ items and soon became aware of the value of what is really important in life.

All the workshops helped the pupils not only understand the work of CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) but also the plight of those who are in need in our world.  During Lent we have focused especially on how we can be more generous and have taken part in the 40 Acts Challenge, so this retreat was particularly helpful.