Year 7 raise funds for Water Aid

"After studying the water issue, our class has become very passionate about this subject. We feel that it is up to us and anyone our age to help those in need: we are the ones who need to be educated about such things, so we can deal with them in them not only in the future, but also in the present. You may have noticed the different events that have taken place this week: any money spent in the tuck shop or on cakes is going to Water Aid as well as all the money we have raised today thanks to all of you wearing blue. Here is how the money will come into use: £15 helps provide clean water for 1 person or 5 plastic taps in Sierra Leone, £30 buys a toilet for a household in India or hand washing stations for 3 families in Mozambique, £50 buys a hand pump in Nepal or a set of tools to build the structures that will bring clean water. We have also been trying to raise awareness of how desperate people are for clean water and of the importance of good hygiene."

- Serena M. Year 7

Since learning about the millions of people around the world living without clean water, toilets and hygiene, Year 7 have been passionate about raising funds for Water Aid to go towards projects that work to help the many people in need.

Our pupils have been raising money through sales at break time in the Tuck Shop, selling cakes they each made in their own time at home, and a Mufti Day in which everyone came in wearing blue. On top of this, they held an assembly informing everyone about the issue and why everyone doing their bit to help is so vital. After their assembly Year 7 asked staff and students to form a line and pass 5 litres of water along the pipeline using 250ml cups without spilling any liquid. The end of the pipeline then had to fill a 5 litre container. The activity was created to get the students to think about how long it can take to collect water and how difficult it can be in some countries.

Year 7 managed to raise an impressive £250 for Water Aid.