Prep School Life

We have around 70 pupils in the Prep School taught in seven Prep classes, with each year group forming its own class.

Our youngest pupils are taught largely by their own class teacher, as this provides security and continuity in their early years, but as the pupils become older and more able to cope with change, we take full advantage of our subject specialists, both from the Senior School and within our Prep staff, who deliver large parts of the curriculum.

A typical day for a Year One pupil

8.00am – I am dropped at school and go to play in the tennis courts until the bell rings. My Mum likes to drop me early so that she can get to work.

8.15am – We go in to register and set the calendar for the day. My teacher talks about the day.

8.25am – There is an assembly about Daniel and the Lion, with a video clip and some of the Year 6 children reading different parts. Then I collect my certificate for receiving 50 house points. One of my friends collected a ‘Golden Certificate’ which is a very special award for exceptional kindness.

8.45am – My first lesson is English with Miss Millard, my class teacher.

9.30am – We have Phonics now. We review our sounds every day, so I know them really well now.

9.45am – The next lesson is Maths with Miss Millard. We split into small groups and everyone is doing something slightly different. It’s hard, but I work it out with a little help.

10.45am – We go out for playtime and a snack. There is something different every day. I like it when it is breadsticks, or tortilla chips, but today we are having apples and bananas. Then I rush off to play with my friends in the walled garden, collecting balls and hoops from the shed as I go.

11.05am – Back in for Science. I love the experiments and it’s great to work in a Science lab.

12.00 – Time for lunch. We always have a hot meal and there is a lot to choose from, so I always find something that I like. The teachers sit with us and eat too, so we talk about the rest of the day. After we have eaten, our teacher takes us back down to the Prep for playtime.

12.30 – There are clubs to go to now. A few of my friends go to a club called ‘Little Fishes’, but I decide to stay and play on the grass in the sunshine.

1.20pm – We have French and Spanish now, with Miss Phillips. She takes us to the classroom and we play lots of games in different languages.

2.20pm – It’s time for swimming with Mrs Smith. We have lots of help to perfect our front crawl, so I am getting pretty good now.

3.20pm – We collect our welly boots and head out on a walk with the children in Transition, Reception and Year Two. I hold hands with Miss Millard and one of my friends and we talk about all that we see as we wander through the enchanted wood and down the lane.

4.20pm – The school day ends and we all go to the Reception area to be collected. My Mum is here, so I am going home, but some of my friends are staying so that will go to tea and then they have Yoga club with Mrs Gallimore.

A typical timetable for a pupil in Year Five

8.15am – Registration

8.25am – Assembly

8.45am – English with Mrs Jackson

9.45am – Maths with Mrs Jackson

10.45am – Snack and break

11.05am – Science with Mr McCloskey

12.05 – Lunch and break

12.30 – Lunchtime Tennis club with Mrs Smith

1.20pm – ICT with Mr Tanner

2.20pm – Music with Mrs Robotham

3.20pm – Design Technology (Food) with Mrs Larkin

4.20pm – Tea in the Padua Hall

4.40pm – Cricket Club

5.30pm – Prep in the Library

6.00pm – Home

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