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The Future is changing and so are we.

Leweston School announces a move to co-educational diamond model

This September Leweston has announced the introduction to a co-educational ‘diamond model’ as part of a move which will welcome boys into all year groups by 2021.  In taking this step Leweston will be only one of a handful of schools in the country, and the only one in the local area, offering a structure which combines the academic benefits of single-sex education with the all-round advantages of co-education.

The School’s move to co-education will be carefully phased over a four-year period. Boys will initially be welcomed into Sixth Form from September 2018 with a mixed intake for Year 9 from 2019.

‘The pupils in our Prep are already enjoying the positive impact of a co-educational environment and it is clear that parents are increasingly seeking a family school that can serve both their sons and their daughters. Indeed, many current and prospective parents have been telling us they wish their sons could stay or join. As a result, the Governing Body strongly believes that we should be offering a Leweston education to boys and girls, providing a school that serves the local community and modern family life.” Mrs Kate Reynolds, Head

A Leweston education is shaped by our focus on preparing pupils for life beyond the school. Our students are encouraged to participate in a diverse range of opportunities and experiences and, as a result, they discover what they are capable of and who they are. By introducing a co-educational school experience Leweston can provide a safe environment for them to grow in a way that reflects the modern world.

Our experience, however, has taught us the strengths of single-sex education and we appreciate many families choose Leweston because of those strengths. To support this we have taken the decision to adopt a diamond model for Years 9 to 11 in STEM subjects and some sports. This means that girls and boys will be taught separately in Maths and Science, areas where there are well-documented advantages to single-sex education, but join together for other subjects, clubs and enrichment activities.

The diamond structure supports:

  • tailored learning and delivery techniques for boys and girls at a key stage in their development
  • small class sizes that focus on each pupil’s needs
  • girls and boys being less self-conscious in the classroom
  • a lack of sexual stereotyping in the classroom

For more information about the future of Leweston please see our brochure below:

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