Posted: 2nd October 2018

On Thursday the 20th September Year nine went to Roche Court New Art Centre in Salisbury. On arrival we were split into our forms. My group then went to look at some of the sculptures in the park, including a very beautiful Eva Rothschild. We discussed our thoughts on each sculpture and the different techniques the artist used, with time being allowed to take notes and produce quick sketches. We then returned to the Education Centre to commence our workshop. With the help of Artist Andrea V. Wright, we thought about how we could create an interesting abstract sculpture using black tape, black wool, and the floor and wall as a base. We then presented what we had produced in our pairs to the rest of the group.  After a quick break for lunch, we switched over activities, Group One going to look at the Sculpture Park, with Group Two staying behind to do the workshop. We walked around, discussing our thoughts and how we thought each sculpture might have been made, and what the Artist’s influences might have been. At one sculpture we were challenged to produce a drawing of it using Charcoal or Graphite. At another we had to produce a drawing of one side in one minute, before swapping coloured felt tip and drawing from a different perspective. This three minute drawing is much more difficult than it sounds! No matter how quickly you thought you were going it wasn’t fast enough to completely finish your view! We had a fantastic day and came home with lots of inspiration for our projects and new ideas on how to look at art!

– Eloise S. 9A

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