Posted: 5th March 2019

Leweston’s Chemistry department welcomed PhD students from Bath University to train our A Level students in a number of analytical techniques based on Spectroscopy and Spectrometry. This initiative, which is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), enables cutting-edge spectroscopy equipment to be brought into the classroom. By relating the techniques to real investigative activities students can see for themselves why spectroscopy is a vital tool in analysis. The workshop also has an emphasis on promoting chemical sciences as a stimulating and profitable career.

As well as providing a ‘hands-on’ experience using the IR and NMR, the 6th form students were involved in analysing and interpreting mass, IR and NMR spectra of a variety of samples. The ‘spectroscopy in a suitcase’ workshops have a strong emphasis on encouraging school pupils to consider studying chemistry and also highlight the career opportunities available with a chemistry qualification.

We would like to thank the students from Bath University for an insightful and enjoyable workshop. 

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