Posted: 18th March 2019

Leweston’s Year 11 Home Economics GCSE students have completed their Investigation Task, focused on shortcrust pastry, which accounts for 15% of their GCSE mark and a Food Preparation Task, 35% of their GCSE mark.

The cookery is just one part of the Home Economics GCSE coursework; how they plan, respond to the initial question and evaluate their work is all taken into consideration. Previous to the exam the students carried out three separate hours of ‘technical skills’ where they looked at food elements and made a base such as bread, pasta or white sauce. The students then develop this into their final chosen dishes, which they prepared with components made from scratch in three hours. The design of their chosen dishes considered nutrition and appeal for a teenager, which they planned for two months prior to the exam.

Working with a time plan, higher-level skills and achieving multiple dishes, definitely prepares pupils considering Leith’s at Sixth Form, but GCSE Home Economics also has a more functional aspect of understanding the nutrition and science behind the cookery. It is not essential to do the GCSE before studying Leiths; students just need a passion for cookery!


Salmon Wellington with spinach and parmesan

Smoked mackerel Pate with bread rolls and salad

Layered chocolate Mousse


Lasagne (all layers made including pasta)

3 Cheese Focaccia

Strawberry tartlets

Coleslaw with a yogurt dressing

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