Posted: 23rd May 2019

Leweston was delighted to receive the Eco-Schools Silver Award. Our students’ Eco-Committee have worked extremely hard this year and have been the driving force in achieving this fantastic Eco Schools status. 

Emma, Year 13, has been leading Leweston’s Eco-Committee and has written about their aims, actions and awareness: 

Our aims: for Leweston to obtain the Green Flag award from Eco-Schools. We already have the Silver award which means we are just two more steps from Green Flag status. In order to achieve the Silver award we worked on improving areas of the school which negatively affect the environment, such as waste collection and energy usage. More information can be found at

How we put our aims into action: recently we held a “Switch Off Fortnight” campaign with EDF. This involved taking audits of the school’s energy usage at the beginning and end of the two weeks. In the meantime, we tried to encourage the school to use less energy by putting up posters, giving assembly announcements and leading a PSHE lesson with years 7 and 8. We saw an improvement of 5kWh but much more improvement needs to be made. If we keep this up, we could save over 1000kWh throughout the whole year. We also hold regular assemblies with the Senior School and organise occasional lessons with the Prep School. 

How we are spreading awareness: we have a great Eco-committee board with information about what we are doing. We hold fundraising events such as cake sales, which also spreads awareness. The PSHE lesson with year 7 and 8 had a debate format, which allowed the students to explore wider questions about the environment and how we should treat it.

Changes that have been made: we have achieved the Silver award, which means we have covered environmental issues in at least three areas of our curriculum and we have a prominent and designated Eco-Board which includes members of our Eco-Committee. We positively influence our energy usage during the Switch Off Fortnight campaign. 

Changes that will be made: we would really like to improve Leweston’s recycling capability. The whole-school environmental review highlighted how important it is for us to do this. In so doing, we’d love to obtain the Green Flag award!

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