Posted: 9th July 2019

Leweston Senior School hosted a jam-packed Activities Week at the end of the Summer Term. Pupils went on a trip to London to visit Museums, iconic British buildings and architechture and the world famous Harry Potter Studios. Year 7 and 8 also had the chance to climb our famous cedar trees, putting their team-work and communication skills to the test.

These skills were also put to the test for Year 10 and 12 who took part in the Leweston Escape Rooms; solving puzzles in teams to work out clues and escape the room in the fastest time.

We also held an Eco Day. Students focused on minimising food waste, plastic, fast fashion and how we can expand our, already impressive, biodiversity on the schools grounds. Feeling inspired the students wrote to two large supermarkets to ask them about their single use plastics and how they could minimise the amount that is used.

Years 7 – 9 took part in a variety of STEAM workshops held in Art and Science and students also visited a waterpark, an arable farm and Yeovilton air base.

This really was a fun-filled, memorable week which showcased our students determination and inquisitiveness, not to mention their ability to thrive even when out of their comfort zones.

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