Posted: 1st August 2019

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust visited Leweston during summer term and presented a cheque for £25 to each of our new Sixth Form Heads of House. The students have been challenged to see how much they can grow this amount and return to the charity in September towards their vital work. 

Leweston also donated over £400 to Weldmar from money that was raised at our Confirmation retiring collection. 

More House students have discussed their plans to increase their donation:

To increase our £25 More House will be hosting a movie night where students purchase a ticket and with this they are able to come and watch the movie and will be given a drink and a bag of popcorn. We also hope to do the ‘smartie box challenge’ over the summer. Each of the students will be given an empty smartie box which they will aim to fill with spare change throughout the holidays and then bring them back in September, all the money that comes back will help increase our £25. We will also be hosting bake sales through this term. We hope to increase our £25 as much as we can, we hope to raise at least £150 for Weldmar.

Campion House carried out a successful money raising bake sale at the end of the Summer Term. 


The Health and Social Care students want to promote another fundraiser for the Hospice and will be taking part in the Penny War between all tutor groups. Their objective is to gain as much money from unwanted pennies as possible with the aim for each tutor group to raise at least £7 in an 8 day period. 

Mayne House’s fundraising has already taken off with an ice cream sale in the Prep School at the end of the Summer Term. It was a great experience and our Prep children loved being able to buy an ice cream at school!


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