Posted: 20th October 2019

16 pupils in Year 7 to 13 took part in Oxplore, a live stream debate hosted by Oxford University. The students had the opportunity to vote and also to submit questions on the topic ‘Is School the best place to learn?’

Congratulations to Oliver, Year 7, whose question “what new subjects do you think will be studied in the future?” was picked up on the live stream, and to Rosa, Year 8, who won Best Question of the Day with “should Schools put more emphasis on students asking questions rather than teaching the answers?”. 

Caitlin, Year 7, has written about the opportunity to take part in Oxplore;

On the 7th of October, a few students (including me) took part in the 2019 Oxplore live stream. On the live stream, a panel of four judges from Oxford University discussed the big question “Is School the best place to learn?”

The live stream consisted of a picture round, two quiz rounds and a lot of discussion about the question. In the picture round, each judge picked a picture and described what was going on in it. One judge picked a picture of himself on a mountain. He then went on to explain about some rocks he had found and how you can learn about rocks by licking them. Also, the quiz rounds were not based on facts but on opinion. All the way through we were sending in questions relating to the big question.

About half-way through one of our questions was read out to the panel. The question was “What subjects will we have in the future that we do not have now?”.  This was really interesting because one of the judges studied schools from the past and so she could explain that in the past they had whole subjects for something that might be a topic within a subject, for example magnetism.

At four o’clock the question entries closed and the panel decided the most thought provoking question and we won. The prizes were: some book vouchers for the School and a goody bag which consisted of a pen, wristband and jellybeans for each of us. Overall it was an inspirational experience and I hope we do it again next year and I would like to thank Mrs Dencher for organising it all.


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