Posted: 10th December 2019

Yesterday, pupils in Years 10 and 11 took part in the ‘Resilient Me’ workshop. The day was split into two themes; The Circus of Life and Prepare to Pass. 

Workshop 1: The Circus of Life: Understanding stress, mental health awareness & building resilience

The Circus of Life focused on understanding and managing teenage stress. The students were introduced to a whole new way of thinking about mental health, personal well-being and their future development.  This part of the workshop built on the skills a circus performer would learn, including juggling, balance and taking risks, and used these as analogies for the skills required to perform well in everyday teenage life.

Workshop 2: Prepare to Pass: Perfect preparation, radiant results!

The afternoon focused on the key areas of self-belief, organisation, and stress management, equipping the students with a complete revision toolkit. Year 10 and 11 began by looking at self-belief and examining their own reasons for wanting success in their exams, followed by a comprehensive set of revision techniques that offered something to suit everyone. Pupils thought about organisation, including the study / life balance and pacing with a rigorous look at how to maximise the impact of every revision session to boost exam results.

The students had lots of fun throughout the day whilst thinking about the key theme of resilience, which ties in perfectly with our Leweston Learner attribute. 

Thank you to Rachel Munns of Resilient Me for running the fantastic workshop and Ms Lilly, Head of Year 10 and 11, for organising the day. 


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