Posted: 4th February 2020

Year 3 and 4 visited We the Curious in Bristol, where they were busy extending their knowledge of their current topic, ‘Light’. Throughout the day they explored the exhibits on display, took part in a Light and Shadow workshop and visited the planetarium for a Winter Stargazing show. Lots of new learning took place as well as consolidating their knowledge they’ve already learnt so far this term.

Following on from their educational visit to We the Curious last week, Year 4 have continued their Topic of ‘Light’ whilst experimenting with pin hole cameras. The pupils followed instructions to create their cameras and then experimented with what they could see! They learned that because light travels in a straight line, and only a small amount of light rays can shine through a tiny pin hole, the light reflecting off the trees was reflected back through the pin hole creating an inverted image. This activity fits in perfectly with our Topic theme of Light, and the experiment was a great way to demonstrate to the class exactly how light travels and emphasise that it is always in straight lines.

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