Posted: 6th February 2020

A question I am often asked in maths lessons is ‘when will I ever need this in my life?’. As a mathematician, you may think this question frustrates me, but I do I see their point! Not often do we need to solve a quadratic equation in an emergency or use trigonometry when out and about shopping but the answer I give to the above question is always … ‘so you can become an effective problem solver’.

Problem solving is an inevitable part of life. The study of mathematics is what helps develop the thought processes required and the character needed to find success. Being successful at maths isn’t about innate talent. For some yes, it can come more naturally than others, but I truly believe Mathematical achievement comes down to mindset. If you are willing to be adventurous with your thinking and have an enquiring mind, the ability for you to solve problems will increase dramatically. Start with what you know, find out what you need to know, and use your maths ‘toolkit’ to piece together the puzzle!

Mathematics provides an opportunity to discover knowledge, find solutions, prove concepts and even allows us to question the world around us. In order for us to do all this however, we need to exercise patience, determination and resilience.

Maths at Leweston centres around building a positive ‘I can’ outlook. Our vision is to develop independent thinkers who are given opportunities in lessons to enhance their mathematical confidence and problem solving skills. The impact of this approach is seen in the passion that many of our pupils develop for maths, we currently have 11 students taking Further Maths at either GCSE or A Level and in the past five years have sent a further 11 on to Maths or related courses at universities such as UCL, King’s College, Imperial, Durham and Warwick.

On 10 March we are excited to welcome Holgate Lecturer, Jonny Griffiths, to our School as part of a scheme run by the London Mathematical Society Johnny will be talking to students in Years 10 and above about the ‘Mathematics of Tiling’ and we and look forward inspiring the next generation of logical thinkers in our rapidly changing world.

Mrs Newnham, Head of Mathematics

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