Posted: 16th March 2020

Leweston Prep celebrated British Science Week last week with a variety of daily science activities focusing on ‘Big Ideas’ and everyone entered into the scientific spirit with great enthusiasm. 

On Monday, pupils built a rocket out of recycled materials and then watched in awe as the chemical reaction propelled it high into the air.

On Tuesday, the Pre-Prep experimented with sweeties, watching the colours from Skittles create a rainbow and a balloon self-inflate.

Wednesday focused on electricity, using circuit boards. The pupils were thrilled to light up bulbs and make fans fly up into the air.

On Thursday we learned that sound travels through vibrations and the children made their own string telephones, experimenting to see which length and tightness of the string carried the sound best.

The week ended in the Pre-Prep, making lava lamps using coloured water, glitter and oil. When the citric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate were added, the bubbles rose and fell mesmerising the children.

Leweston staff encourage the children’s natural curiosity throughout all areas of the curriculum and inquisitiveness is one of the our Learner values. With activities like this on offer, watch out for the next generation of budding scientists!

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