Posted: 30th April 2020

Year 12 Geography students are currently studying coastal processes and the landforms they create, looking most recently at how erosion shapes the coast. Normally the class would be carrying out fieldwork this term which allows them to see the landforms for themselves and to build a case study of examples. However, as their fieldwork has now been postponed to September the students have been undertaking virtual fieldwork on the Dorset Coast.

Each year 12 student was asked to produce a presentation explaining how one coastal landform in Dorset was formed by erosion. They needed to provide description of the landform’s location and an explanation of how it was formed. Two students went even further, using Loom software to record audio over their presentations, turning them into educational videos (see below).

Although the students soon learned that presenting and delivering their virtual fieldwork via a recorded meeting is not easy, their resilience and intuition meant they were able to present their findings during their Teams meeting, showcasing what they have learned in their Geography topic. 


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