Posted: 2nd June 2020

Leweston Prep’s ‘Around the World’ Challenge, and their combined effort, is receiving a lot of support and attention. Having already received a very exciting message from Johnny Wilkinson, and another from Alistair Brownlee (below), Leweston Prep have been sent some fantastic words of encouragement from football manager and former player, Harry Redknapp! 


Alistair Brownlee’s Messages to Leweston Prep – May 27, 2020

The total distance travelled, walking, cycling, scooting and running, since the start of the challenge is now an impressive 6430 miles. Having ‘set off’ from Leweston we would have just reached Western China!

Everyone’s superb efforts have been recognised by British triathlete, Alistair Brownlee, MBE, the only athlete to hold two Olympic titles in the triathlon event. Alistair has sent in this fantastic message of encouragement:

‘Around the World’ Challenge – May 4, 2020

Following a wonderful idea that was put forward by Jack in Year 5, Leweston Prep have embarked on a challenge to circumnavigate the globe (25000 miles!) whilst we are all in Coronavirus Lockdown. 

Before settling down for bed each night the pupils and staff have been making a note of how many miles they have covered that day during their chosen daily exercise from running, walking, scooting and cycling. Last week the pupils from Reception to Year 6, plus staff, covered a distance of 1231.2 miles!

This takes the total distance travelled since the start of the challenge to 2885.8 miles. To visualise exactly how far this is we have plotted our journey so far onto a map. Having ‘set off’ from Leweston three weeks ago we would have just reached Ağrı (Agri) in Eastern Turkey after travelling through a vast number of European countries.

The year group who covered the most miles last week was Year 5. They completed 257 miles between them – well done Year 5!

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