Posted: 17th June 2020

In light of the incidents of the past few weeks in both the UK and America, I think it vitally important to acknowledge the struggle that continues across the world against systemic racism. My time spent in education has led me to consider, especially as an historian, the importance of the need to expose young people to a full range of cultural experiences both from within the British Isles, but also the global community of which we are members. I am committed to taking seriously the question of inequality, injustice and discrimination. As I said in my most recent assembly we must all look to ourselves to see what we can do to change things now.

The need to find balance across the curriculum for a number of issues is moot and one which I agree we should always try to do better. I can assure you that myself and our Deputy Head, Mr Whittle will launch a curriculum review starting in September that will embrace all aspects of pedagogical thought, including the need to establish a truly global emphasis.

I am delighted, as a first step, to be inviting Aimée Gaudin from Become, an organisation which is working to narrowing the sex/race wage gap and empower BAME women to speak to the school on Tuesday 23 June. We look forward to providing more opportunities for our community to discuss this important topic during the next academic year and hope to welcome other speakers to support our young people in their understanding of the complex issues that influence the systemic inequalities in our society.

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