Posted: 22nd June 2020

Lockdown has not stopped the equestrian team from staying on top form, congratulations to our two Flora’s who both entered the NSEA Pop-up Dressage series in which their dressage tests are filmed at home and submitted for judging online.

Flora SB on a new ride, Millfield Roly Poly took 6th place in Prelim 13 (75.5%) and Flora M on her own horse Belclare Warrior was placed in both classes with a 4th in Prelim 13 (76.3%) and a brilliant 3rd place in Novice 30 (71.9%). 

The dressage tests can be filmed on any surface, grass or an arena and then placed on YouTube with a code and password which can only be accessed by the judge. 

Congratulations to both girls, it must have been fun to put your competition kit on and work towards a goal during those long days of lockdown. 

Entries close for the final competition of the series on June 30th and we are looking forward to few more of the squad having a go. 

The competition videos are available at the links below:

Flora SB and Millfield Roly Poly 

PRELIM 13    6th place 75.5% 

Flora M and Belclare Warrior 

PRELIM 13 –  4th place 76.3%

NOVICE 30 –   3rd place 71.9% 


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