Posted: 30th June 2020

Our pupils are going to be ‘visiting’ Rome, the Taj Mahal and Pompeii, as well many other places, as part of their upcoming virtual trips! With the power of technology our students will ‘visit’ various extraordinary places which will provide an enriching experience, incorporating a range of subjects including Physics, Classics, Sport and English, to name a few!
Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our ‘school trip’ photos and stories below so look out for some familiar landmarks:

23 June 2020

Year 10 visit Madagascar

This half term Year 10 completed a unit of work on Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and Management and finished the unit with an in-depth case study of Madagascar’s Tropical Rainforest. Students took a virtual field trip to Madagascar to discover more about the threats and challenges the country faces in protecting its remaining rainforest. Over the last 50 years, 80% of Madagascar’s rainforest has been lost and the race is on to preserve what remains!


10-12 June 2020

Year 7 visit Italy 

Year 7 spent three days virtually exploring Italy last week. The ‘flew’ to Naples, explored Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, learned how to order food in Italian and explored ancient sports, amongst many other activities during their trip. Mrs Gammon left a message to all of her student travel buddies ‘Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm, participation and wonderful contributions to our first ever ‘three-day virtual trip’. You have excelled yourselves in many areas over the last three days, from exploding volcanoes, impressive, gliders, delicious pizzas…the list goes on! It has been a pleasure to travel with you all and I hope you enjoy a restful weekend. Grazie mille!’

Click here to watch the highlights from their trip. 

11 June 2020

Year 9 visit the Thar Desert

Following on from their recent work on tropical rainforests and deserts, Year 9 Geographers are currently completing a unit of work on ecosystems and biomes. This week they took a virtual field trip to the Rajasthan state of India which is situated within the Thar Desert that spans both India and Pakistan. The aim of the trip was to investigate the development opportunities and challenges for people living in a desert biome. Read more about their recent work on tropical rainforests here

2 – 4 June 2020

Year 7 visit New Delhi

This week Year 7 Geographers took a virtual field trip to New Delhi. The trip was led by Ms Lilly’s Bitmoji who provided educational information about the places they visited along the way. This was a brilliant opportunity for them to explore the city and get a sense of how culturally rich and diverse it is.

The intent was to look at the bigger picture and get a flavour of how dynamic New Delhi and India as a whole are before exploring some of the issues that a city of 21.7 million people has. Year 7 should now have a broader appreciation of this wonderful city and have developed a greater knowledge before focusing on the single story of urban traffic problems in New Delhi next week.

2 – 4 June 2020

Year 8 visit India

As part of their Religious Studies, Year 8 are travelling throughout India this week.

This morning they visited the beautiful Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra. Later this week they will visit the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Jama Masjid, the streets of Old Delhi, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, and Lotus Temples in New Delhi before travelling to Varanasi to watch the Nightly Puja Ceremony on the banks of the Ganges. 

The students experienced the Taj Mahal and Red Fort in 360 whilst walking and exploring virtually! 

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