Posted: 2nd July 2020

In line with their topic this half term ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic‘, Reception Class virtually travelled the world to visit some actual bears. The children met polar bears in Canada, grizzly bears in America and pandas in China!

After each visit, the children had the opportunity to discuss and write down what the bears were like using a range of adjectives, and also described how meeting the bears made them feel. 

“The polar bear was curious and cheeky when he tried to dig up the camera pole.”

“The grizzly bear was scary and noisy when he roared.”

“The baby pandas were playful and naughty when they tried to get into the leaf basket.”

The children loved this experience and got so involved when they watched the bears; laughing at the polar bear, squealing and hiding their eyes at the grizzly, and giggling and “awww”ing whilst hugging themselves when watching the baby pandas!

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