Posted: 11th September 2020

We have been truly overwhelmed by the resilience, compassion and understanding demonstrated by our pupils over the past week, as they adapt to our COVID measures, welcome our new pupils and enjoy daily life in our community again. There has been a magical quality in the air, prompted by pupils, parents and staff who are so delighted to be back in full schooling; everyone is so happy to be together. 

There has been a host of engaging activities underway in classes throughout the Prep School during their first week of the Autumn Term, and the pupils are already delving into their new topics.

Our Reception pupils have adapted to school life superbly; arriving at school with a smile and giving their all throughout the day. Throughout the week they have enjoyed their ‘take away’ lunches in their classroom, and were all able to express themselves in their first ‘Circle Time’ session with the help of their cuddly friend!   


Year One conducted a fascinating experiment to show the impact of hand-washing using a piece of bread and also enjoyed making their own flags to start off their topic work.


Year Two have been busy helping with the upkeep of the flower beds, weeding the areas in the Pre-Prep garden during their gardening lesson. The pupils have also been enjoying making use of their new giant number lines in their Maths lessons, enabling them to combine large kinesthetic movement and number work.

Year Three drew their names in hieroglyphics as part of their Ancient Egyptian topic work whilst Year 4 carried out impressive independent research projects about the Egyptians.

Year Five pupils have kicked off their new ‘Space’ topic by designing their own planets. After drawing and labelling their planets (with some extraordinarily creative ideas) they used them as a prompt to write recount texts. 

Year Six worked in teams in the woods to create some egg houses during their Forest School session. Once complete they will go on to assess how well they have managed to create a protective and comfortable home for their fragile egg.

We also started our post-teach sessions, in which pupils are able to consolidate learning and also re-visit any gaps that have occurred due to the period of COVID isolation. Read more about our post-teach sessions here. 

All our pupils have been very pleased to also get back into the woods during their Forest School sessions this week!


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23 September Open Morning | Now Fully Booked

Due to a high volume of interest in our Open Morning, we have taken the decision to close further bookings. We want to ensure that every prospective family that joins us on the day has a positive and insightful experience with time to meet the Head, staff and students.

We apologise to anyone who has missed out on this occasion, however personal visits and bookings for our upcoming virtual events are still open.