Posted: 7th October 2020

This half term for their Topic, Year 5 are linking History, Science, and English lessons together through the theme of ‘Space’.

So far they have looked at the historical ‘Space Race’ and arranged these events into chronological order, they discovered the phases of the moon, and the properties of planets. They have also studied the book ‘Curiosity’ which is all about the Mars Rover.

This week, in their ‘Virtual Reality Space Workshop’ the children were transported to places that they cannot easily visit. The whole class simultaneously blasted off into space, piloting research vessels around planets and moons, and learning about the solar system. The workshop used networked, VR headsets to deliver a CGI, immersive experience. The children thought it was so much fun but more importantly, so inspiring!

We hope the next generation of scientists and astronauts from Leweston may one day blast off into space for real!

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