Posted: 22nd October 2020

During the remote learning period Leweston Prep students looked at the role of the NHS throughout their PSHE lessons, thinking about how they have helped them as individuals.

Aaron, Year 5, felt particularly motivated by this topic as the NHS have played an integral part in his family’s life. He decided to enter the Step into the NHS competition and submitted a fantastic video recital of his poem ‘A Thank You to the NHS’.

The judging panel for the primary schools’ competition, which included TV personality Dr Ronx from the popular CBBC series Operation Ouch, were impressed by Aaron’s heartfelt delivery and expressive words.

Of the 123 entries for the Thames Valley and Wessex region, Aaron was delighted to be crowned the winner. Aaron received a certificate and Amazon voucher which was presented by an NHS Ambassador during a virtual whole school assembly.

Aaron said “When I entered I thought “wow imagine if I won” and a couple of months later I actually did win! My brother is ill and when I thought about all of the names that have helped me and my brother that’s when I got the idea to write the poem. I am really thankful to all the people that helped in the NHS with me and my little brother and everyone.”

Watch Aaron’s video recital

Aaron’s Poem

A thank you to the NHS
By Aaron M, Year 5

Thank you to the Porters
who give up their time with their sons and daughters
Thank you to the people who clean
who make sure of good hygiene
Thank you to the Doctors and Nurses
you have studied so long and so hard
They gave up their time
that they could have played in their backyard
Thank you to the Pharmacist
who make the tablets, the medicine, and the cream
that stop poorly people in pain wanting to cry and scream
Thank you to the Play People
for making children happy
this includes teenagers, and babies still wearing their nappy
Thank you to all the Cooks and Chefs
that make such lovely meals
when you’re feeling poorly, it’s such a big deal
Thank you to everyone who works in the NHS
all of these things are what make you the best.
Thank you so much NHS.

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