Posted: 30th November 2020

We are excited to tell you about a number of online events taking place in December, hosted by Oxford University Physics and aimed at young people and their families.

The University have given an age range as a guide (events starting at age 7+ through to KS3), however everyone is welcome. 

Please see below for more details and to register:

Oxford Physics Family Christmas Lecture – Virus Factory!

  • When: Thursday 10th December, 6:00pm (GMT)
  • Where: Online – Zoom Webinar
  • What: We’ve all been hearing a lot about viruses over the past several months, but just how much do we understand about them? What exactly do viruses do once they get inside our cells? And why do we care? Join Oxford University for an exciting and interactive online lecture as we take a closer look at how viruses ‘hijack’ our cells and turn them into their own personal ‘virus factories’, and personally contribute to some cutting-edge scientific research in the process!
  • Audience: Family friendly – ages 7+  
  • Booking: Free event. Registration is required for this event; please register here. Zoom details for the event will be sent to registered attendees after registration has closed.
  • More information: Visit

Quantum Materials Winter Workshops

Throughout December the University will be hosting a series of interactive online workshops exploring the world of quantum materials! There are currently 3 events in the series, with a possible 4th to be added. More information can be found here.

❄️Marvellous Magnets – 1st December, 4:30pm

  • Audience: KS3 students (although others may still enjoy!)
  • In this 45 minute long workshop, you will delve into the world of magnets, including live demonstrations to show some weird and wonderful magnetic effects. Explore how magnetic fields work for yourself using a newly created online app allowing you to visualise these otherwise invisible fields, and complete some fun challenges! Find more information here, and register here.

❄️Monopole Hunters – 5th December, 3:00pm

  • Audience: KS3 students (although others may still enjoy!)
  • You will probably know that magnets have two poles: North and South. Could we ever find a magnet with just one of these poles – a ‘magnetic monopole’? What would that even look like? In this 45 minute workshop, you will see what happens if you cut a magnet in half and what this means for the hunt for a magnetic monopole. There will also be an activity where you can try to hunt for these magnetic monopoles yourself! More information available soon, please register here.

❄️Crystal Crafts – 12th December, 3:00pm

  • Audience: Family Friendly – the science will be at KS2+ level, but younger children may enjoy the crafts
  • Round off the school term by joining Oxford University for some themed arts and crafts, and learn a little bit about crystals along the way! All you will need is some paper (colours encouraged!), scissors, tape, and glue. Other decorative add-ons, e.g. glitter, optional! More information available soon, please register here.

Details of all upcoming events can be found on the University of Oxford Physics website

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