Posted: 12th February 2021

Today students at Leweston have been invited to take part in a Wellbeing Afternoon, which is an opportunity to break away from screens and to select from a menu of a variety of activities at home or in outdoors close to home. Suggested activities are hoped to challenge and engage students in different areas: physical, creative, social, cerebral or connecting with nature.

We look forward to hearing about the way that students use their time, whether it be creating something for the community, building a bug house, going out for a run, writing a short story, baking a cake or enjoying a session of yoga. We also hope that students might like to engage in some of the activities during half term to help them to look after their wellbeing by switching off from work and getting away from screens.

Whilst students engage in activities designed to support their mental health and wellbeing, Miss Atyeo (Assistant Head Pastoral) continues to provide the school community with messages on the topic and this week explores how food, and our engagement with it, can play a positive part in ones mental health and ability to be in the moment. 

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