Upper Sixth receive impressive university offers

Posted: 14th February 2021

Our Year 13 students are starting to receive an impressive range of offers from their chosen higher education destinations.

To date the students have received 49 different offers, 55% of which are from Russell Group institutions. These include 8 offers from Exeter, 5 from Bristol, 4 from Cardiff and 3 from Southampton. London remains a popular destination with 7 offers from the various London universities including UCL and King’s College.

STEM subjects are once again the most popular with courses including: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Medical Genetics, Biomedical Sciences and Sports and Exercise Science. However, the arts are not unrepresented and we have had applications for Fine Art, Art History and Visual Culture, Philosophy and English and History amongst others.

Many congratulations to our students for securing these offers. The UCAS deadline was 29 January and the outcomes of many applications are still unknown, interviews for Medicine and Veterinary Science are still ongoing so there will be more to come!

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