Posted: 14th March 2021

Computer Science is growing in importance as the use of Technology increases in all aspects of our lives. So, what can you do with Computer Science qualifications?

Become an ethical hacker

Ethical hackers are employed to test IT systems and detect security breaches and weak spots. Companies can then take steps to keep computer networks and systems safe and secure from unlawful hackers.

Save lives by being a Medicinal Computational Chemist

Have you heard of a little disease called ‘Corona Virus’? Many of the wonderful people who worked so hard to create the vaccines for this awful disease used computer modelling and systems to help them generate this essential solution.

Save the planet

While most people agree that climate change is real and is a huge problem, not everyone agrees on the reasons for it. Without understanding how our planet came to be in its current state, it is almost impossible to fix it. Computer modelling is used to track the changes of the past and try to predict the future based on different scenarios.

Create the next Minecraft!

Love it or hate it, Minecraft is currently the most successful game of all time with over 2 billion copies of the game being sold! Whether you’re keen on coding your own games or creating the next VR world, Computer Science is the place to get started in game design and development. There are also many roles in TV, movies and the music industry that rely on Computing to succeed.

Be a super-hero and fight crime

Forensic computer analysts investigate computer-related crime (cybercrime) to help stop hackers, online fraud and scams or even track and stop terrorist activity!


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