Posted: 22nd March 2021

We saw some fantastic effort put forward at the Junior and Senior Inter-House Netball and Hockey competitions at the weekend.

Over one hundred girls took part in Saturday’s Inter-House Netball tournaments! It was great to get back on court and enjoy some really skilful and competitive Junior and Senior matches. Well done to everyone involved in the Junior Inter-House Netball Tournament which showcased lots of future talent! Congratulations to More House, who won the overall competition, followed closely by Campion, with Fisher in 3rd place and Mayne in 4th.

Leweston students playing netball Leweston students playing netball Leweston students playing netball Leweston students playing netball Leweston students playing netball Leweston students playing netball

Another well done to all of our boys who played such a high standard of hockey in in their Junior & Senior Inter-House Tournaments. The overall result saw Campion as Champions, with Mayne in 2nd place, Fisher in 3rd and More in 4th.

Full results below:

Junior Inter-House Netball (Years 7 & 8)

1st          More                     15pts
2nd        Campion              11pts
3rd         Fisher                    6pts
4th         Mayne                  1pt

Senior Inter-House Netball (Years 9 – 13)

1st          Campion              13pts
2nd        More                     10pts
3rd         Fisher                    7pts
4th         Mayne                  5pts

Overall Inter-House Netball Championships

1st          More                     25pts
2nd        Campion              24pts
3rd         Fisher                    13pts
4th         Mayne                  6pts

Junior Inter-House Hockey (Years 7 – 9)

1st          Mayne                  9pts
2nd        Campion              6pts
3rd         Fisher                    3pts
4th         More                     0pts

Senior Inter-House Hockey (Years 9 – 13)

1st          Campion              7pts
2nd        Fisher                    7pts
3rd           More                     7pts
4th           Mayne                  3pts

Overall Inter-House Hockey Championships

1st          Campion              13pts
2nd        Mayne                  12pts
3rd         Fisher                    10pts
4th         More                       3pts

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