Posted: 11th April 2021

Studying Geography can lead to a massive range of careers. Below we have listed just a handful of examples, however, if you want to find out more visit the ‘Choose Geography’ page on the Royal Geographical Society’s website. 

1 – Work for the government/civil service

For example, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Geography helps develop the ability to think critically about people and place, to appreciate other cultures and choices, to better understand different situations and to work effectively with others.

2 – Environmental consultant

Geography can help understand how to monitor, model and mitigate risk – be that from flooding. climate change, natural hazards etc.), to then use and understand this data to produce maps and research papers to advise others – using strong analytical tools and clear communication skills.  It also allows for work outside/in the field.

3 – GIS analyst – (both private and public sector)

This involves using data from GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to effectively gather information and data and communicate this to others. It requires good presentation and communication skills alongside the need to be inquisitive, to problem solve, think outside the box and have strong IT skills.

4 – Management Consultant

Geography helps develop both the technical skills and the report writing and public speaking skills required for a role in management consultancy.  Geography uses both numeracy and literacy skills, as well as bringing ideas together in a coherent manner. Visiting other places on fieldtrips helps develop an understanding of impacts of change on other people and place.

5 – Polar Explorer/Conservationist

To develop skills in state of the art satellite imagery to monitor polar wildlife, to build relationships with other disciplines and to research and make this research accessible to others. It provides the opportunity to explore remote regions. Geography allows you to work on issues of societal and scientific urgency.

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