Posted: 14th April 2021

From September 2021 Leweston will offer a one year bespoke course for international students interested in studying in the UK, immersing themselves in British culture and gaining the skills to progress to a top university. The programme is ideal for students looking to improve their level of English or expand their subject knowledge before joining the Sixth Form.

The programme will offer 20-30 hours of lessons per week with additional supervised study periods. Lessons will be taught in English with the majority of classes taken alongside UK students. Each student’s timetable is designed on arrival according to a number of criteria including: previous knowledge, aptitude, career plans, home country requirements and personal preferences.

The programme runs throughout Year 11 and is designed to take some subjects to IGCSE whilst others are non-examined. Students can also study for EAL qualifications. Students will take at least five GCSEs, including one in their mother tongue.

As well as academic development, an important part of the programme is helping our international students prepare and adjust to life in the UK. As students immerse themselves in the life of a busy boarding school they are introduced to British language, culture and heritage.

For more information or to apply please contact our Registrar, Mrs Smith on +44 1963 211015 or email

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