Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Training at Leweston

Posted: 29th April 2021

Over the weekend Year 9, 10 and 11 fully embraced their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh training weekend. Students learnt a range of new skills such as bag packing, first aid, navigation, stove safety and how to safely put up a tent. They all demonstrated excellent team working skills and some even formed new friendships along the way. The students were both encouraging and kind to one another, supporting each other when they faced new challenges. They are all now looking forward to their final expedition at the end of June where they will put all their new skills into action on a two-day local expedition.

“This weekend I had such a fun time doing my Bronze DofE. I learnt so many skills such as how to work with a team, what nutrition is good and bad for the expedition, what items we need to pack, how to plan a route, and how to navigate using a map and a compass. The best thing we learnt was how to cook using a Trangia as it was such a relaxing thing to do with our team. I especially enjoyed the team building as it was so much fun and it was a great way to start the day.”

– Millie W (Year 9)

“This DofE training weekend was so useful and taught us some valuable points for our expedition. We learnt first aid skills, what to pack and what not to pack on an expedition and the proper way to do it, how to follow the countryside code, and lots of orienteering skills such as reading and orienting a map, learning how to count step paces, plotting an expedition- and so much more! We also took part in many teambuilding activities including a fun team games to show the value of co-operation and a Trangia cooking challenge. I think DofE is such a great thing to do as it can teach you so many new things that can be valuable to you even after you have completed your award, and you can also share many great experiences with your team.”

– Jess C (Year 9)

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