Posted: 9th May 2021

Studying Physical Education can be incredibly helpful with entering a variety of different careers. A knowledge in Physical Education can help if you want to;

Help a Team GB athlete maximise their performance

Sports coaches have to understand how the heart, lungs, muscles and skeleton work together to produce elite performances. Understanding how the cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal systems work enables a coach to plan for perfect performance.

Design a physical training programme

Personal Trainers have to use fitness testing, methods of training and the principles of training to develop programmes for a wide and diverse range of people. From performance athletes to the average Joe, personal trainers need technical training knowledge to provide and plan to help people achieve their goals.

Become a better athlete in any sport.

Athletes are better equipped to perform at their best if they understand how to set goals and implement training and practice that will help them to improve. Learn about how to maximise your performance both physically and mentally.


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