Posted: 10th May 2021

On Friday 7 May, Leweston Prep pupils took part in The NSPCC’s Number day. Pupils came to school in their number themed mufti, for which they each paid £1 donation for the NSPCC.

Throughout the day each year group took part in their own number themed activities. Year 1 enjoyed maths activities such as fishing for numbers, making a number line outside, learning how to play dominoes and finding golden number sentences in the sand!

Meanwhile, Year 3 enjoyed making some ‘Maths About Me’ posters. They chose themes such as ‘My favourite number’ or ‘My age’, and then created a calculation to accompany it. They then had to solve the calculations to find out each other’s answers. The class also discussed all the different places where they can spot numbers and created a super list, from clocks to road signs!

Year 5 also created some wonderful maths work for display. They made geometric shapes within the first letter of their name and then worked out the angles of the different shapes. Their work looked great and each pupil demonstrated brilliant mathematical knowledge too.

NSPCC Number Day Gallery

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