Posted: 17th May 2021

Miss Phillips, Prep Head, put focus on our pupils’ fantastic achievements inside and outside the classroom as part of her Celebration Assembly on Friday. Congratulations to everyone who had a special mention, including the following:

  • A huge well done to everyone in Year 1 for their excellent debating in Literacy. All of the pupils used great persuasive techniques whilst staying respectful of their opponents.
  • A further well done to Joe, Will, Jamie and Daisy (Year 1) who all worked so hard when writing their dragon descriptions.
  • Thea (Year 3) impressed her teacher last week with her recent Maths work, focusing on adding and subtracting fractions.
  • Year 3 and 4 have been learning about ‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’ as part of their Topic. A big well done to Henry (Year 3) who took great care in presenting his published English work on the Topic.
  • Congratulations to all of Year 3 who built their own models of Stonehenge using plasticine, following a fieldtrip to the site. It was lovely to see the children work on the task collaboratively.
  • Year 4 created their own Stone Age necklaces from clay which they are excited to wear on their upcoming Stone Age Wow Day and have been busy building Stone Age homes as part of a homework project!
  • Well done to all of Year 4 who have been working incredibly hard to create their own storybooks. They have drafted their stories, edited them and written them up in beautiful handwriting. They then designed attractive front covers using their own illustrations and blurbs for their stories. The class then really enjoyed listening to each other read their own stories, they should all be very proud of what they have achieved!
  • Sadie (Year 4) is passionate about the environment and aspires to be a Marine Biologist when she is older. She has carried out independent research about the vaquita – a little porpoise that is on the brink of extinction – and produced a fantastic fact sheet telling people why they matter. Sadie also made a collection bottle to raise funds for WWF who are trying to help vaquitas. Well done Sadie!
  • Year 5 produced some wonderful, inspired work last week. They were tasked with creating their own Gods or Goddesses and then produce a fact file with illustrations, text boxes and lift the flap ideas. They have written persuasive proposals as to why their God or Goddess should have a temple built in their honour. Finally they designed and drew a temple for their deity. The pupils have also produced PowerPoints on some well known Greek scholars and philosophers and presented these confidently to the whole year group.
  • Well done to the whole of Year 6 who have worked with fantastic effort and focus on their revision work units ahead of their INCAS tests next week. Good luck everyone! Special mention goes to Tom, Christyn and Sukie who worked brilliantly during their ‘Post-Teach’ maths sessions!

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