Posted: 20th May 2021

Year 7 Geography students have been studying Settlement this half term, learning about settlement shapes, functions and hierarchies. This week, they got the chance to put their excellent class work into practice on a local field trip to Sherborne Old Castle and town centre.

Students started the day in school with a visit from Mr Lewis, from Sherborne Museum, who kindly came in to explain how Sherborne has changed over time. The class looked at Sherborne’s industry from the Iron Age all the way through to the modern day, and how the recent pandemic has changed the use of the town centre.

They then took a trip to Sherborne Old Castle, built in the 12th-century, it is an excellent example of a defensive site. Students were able to evaluate its position first hand and look at the landscape to identify why this site was selected. Year 7 then conducted some small geographical investigations into the land use and function of the town centre. They all conducted a pedestrian count, town centre study and land use survey. They will be collating the data to use in their final project about the Geography of Sherborne after the half term. The wonderful morning was ended with a well-deserved delicious ice-cream outside of the Abbey. Well done Year 7!

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