Leweston Prep Stone Age Wow Day

Posted: 28th May 2021

This half term Years 3 and 4 have been focusing on the Stone Age during their Topic lessons which included a fantastic visit to Stonehenge.

To support their learning they enjoyed a Stone Age themed ‘Wow Day’ on Thursday 27 May. Pupils came to school in brilliant outfits, dressed as people from the Stone Age and enjoyed a variety of activities.

They started the morning with a trip to our Forest School area, ‘The Enchanted Woods’, and built a stone age shelter for a Lego person and completed a hunter-gatherer themed scavenger hunt. They then worked very carefully to create a clay pot, adding their own patterns around the outside. Taking inspiration from their fieldtrip, they also worked in teams to recreate Stonehenge using biscuits – aptly renamed ‘Biscuithenge’!

The ‘Wow Day’ was a super day enjoyed by all!


Year 3 & 4 'Wow Day | Stone Age

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