Posted: 15th June 2021

This weekend our boarders undertook the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) and Limitless Boarders Go Green challenge in the lead up to National Boarding Week 21-27 June. Leweston boarders will plant a total of 6 trees in the school grounds – 5 oak trees which were grown from acorns found on the school grounds and one apple tree which has been grown from a seed found in Miss Robinson’s apple!

The challenge is for schools to join together to walk the equivalent of the distance across Africa – approximately 7,500km. Schools can contribute to this by undertaking a series of tasks and completing them will equate to a distance walked. Planting trees and seeds contributes 5k. Our boarders are delighted to be able to be a part of this brilliant challenge and to have already contributed 30k to the total.

They then got to cool off and enjoyed a fun-filled pool party including an inflatable session and delicious refreshments and snacks from our Cedars Café.

Boarding | Pool Party & Tree Planting

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