Posted: 24th June 2021

On 21 and 22 June, Year 11 students, our new Year 12s from September, got a chance to experience life and learning in the Sixth Form.

On Monday the group was welcomed by Mr Paget-Tomlinson and Mr Ryan-East, Head of Sixth Form from September, before being treated to a series of induction sessions including a study skills workshop with Mrs Dencher and Mrs Lilly, an introduction to the Extended Project Qualification from Mr P-T (including an outstanding presentation by current Sixth Former, Sophie LM, of her own EPQ research) and an overview of the new Sixth Form Leweston Enrichment and Development programme (LEaD), which will deliver a range of enrichment opportunities, from Mr R-E. Students also got to meet their tutors, spending time getting to know each other and taking part in some fun group activities, before breaking into House groups and taking on a cross-campus team building challenge.

Questions such as: ‘how many trees are in the orchard?’ and ‘how tall is the chapel spire?’ put their lateral thinking skills to the test, while tasks such as ‘write and perform a short poem about the two school anchors’ and ‘create a piece of natural art using materials in the forest school’ required creativity and ingenuity. Other questions allowed them to explore the history and importance of our beautiful school grounds and buildings. All tasks required the groups to think and work as a team, and they were given a strict 90 minutes to attempt the whole challenge. After totting up the scores, the overall winners were Mayne House, with each member receiving a free drink from Cedars Café! Mayne’s winning poem entry can be read below.

On Tuesday, our 2021-23 Sixth Form cohort were back in the classroom, attending a variety of inspiring Sixth Form taster lessons in subjects they’ve chosen to take next year. They were also given the opportunity to experience study periods, using their time independently to explore the summer preparation materials that subject teachers have provided for them online.

On both days, students were also afforded the privilege of visiting Cedars Café and the Sixth Form Centre at break, lunch, or in their study periods.

After a challenging year for all, these two days of induction and transition into the Sixth Form was a welcome refocusing on the not so distant future. 2021 will be a time of optimism and opportunity for this cohort of new Sixth Formers, in which they can develop and grow as individual subject experts and as a whole community.

Mr R-E would like to thank all the staff involved in these two days for making them a wonderful introduction to our Sixth Form for next year’s Year 12s.

The Leweston Anchors by Mayne

Hanging from a tree, an anchor, rusted;

Always left behind, leaving memories of when it was trusted.

The white flakes of the ocean now dropping onto the floor,

The lives it once saved, forgotten no more.


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