Posted: 14th September 2021

Congratulations to all our riders who excelled at the final qualifier for the NSEA National Championships which took place at Moreton EC at the weekend. We had very solid performances in all five show jumping classes and the dressage, achieving an impressive 16 Team and Individual places for the Keysoe Championships in October.


1st May S (Prelim dressage)
1st Hen J (70-75 SJ)
1st Molly C (80-85 SJ)
2nd Madeline RS (Novice Dressage)
2nd Tara W (70-75 SJ)
2nd Charlie W (90-95 SJ)
2nd Madeline RS (1.0-1.05m)
2nd Loveday F (1.10m)
3rd Charlie W (Prelim dressage)
3rd Maisy M (90-95 SJ)
3rd Loveday F (1-1.05m SJ)


1st Dressage (Madeline, Charlie, Tara)
1st 70-75 (Hen, Tara, Rosie, Josie)
2nd 80-85 (Molly, Tara, Rosie, Poppy)
1st 90-95 (Poppy, Charlie, Maisy, Madeline )
1st 1.0-1.05m (Charlie, Maisy, Loveday, Madeline)

Thank you to all our very supportive parents and staff, and to Sixth Former (and vice-captain) Mia K who helped with the course walks and in the warm-up.

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