Posted: 29th September 2021

Leweston riders have been working hard and achieving some well deserved results this week; –

Congratulations to our new Year 7 Equestrian Scholar, Ruby, who had a fabulous double clear at the Stonar ISODE taking 5th place in her first competition for the Leweston riding team. Further congratulations to Madeline who became a double winner and was victorious in both the 90 sections on her two horses, Rocky and Strandhill Mick Dundee. Thank you to Stonar School for a organising a very good competition and for providing such lovely prizes and awards.

We saw even more success at the Schools Equestrian Games Eventing Championships at Calmsden as Charlie and her horse, What’s The Craic, became the 2021 SEG 90 Champions, by finishing on their dressage score of 29.75! Very well done to Charlie, whose hard work and patience is paying off.

A big well done to everyone, we are very proud of all our riders who have all been achieving very impressive results so far this term.

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