Posted: 1st October 2021

This week Nursery and Reception have been taking part in a variety of activities learning all about the importance of oral health and the main ways to keep teeth strong, clean and healthy as part of Oral Health Week.

To kick the week off Reception discussed which foods and drinks are good and bad for their teeth. They collected certain foods and drinks on to happy and sad teeth. They also enjoyed various activities including mimicking brushing teeth by using cotton buds to rub white paint (toothpaste) onto pictures of dirty teeth, writing advice on paper clipboards as if they were dentists, and carefully tracing dentist-themed lines. Transition 2 found a sorting worksheet that challenged them to cut out various foods and place them depending on if they were good or bad for teeth. With very minimal support, they used scissors to cut out all the little foods and think about what is good and bad to eat. As a result, not only are TC2 and Receptions’ fine motor skills a little more honed, their writing and understanding of what to eat and drink that keeps their teeth healthy have grown too.

On Wednesday Transition 2 Class joined Reception to meet the lovely dentist, Elodie, from Bupa Dental Care in Sherborne. After learning so much about oral health throughout the week, the children were so excited to see a real-life dentist! She told them all about keeping their teeth and gums clean – by eating the right food, drinking the right drinks, brushing twice a day for two minutes, visiting the dentist and spitting after brushing not rinsing! Elodie then demonstrated how to brush teeth with round movements using an enormous set of fake teeth and a big denture toothbrush. The class then had their own turn at brushing the teeth. The children were thrilled to receive an egg timer, a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush to take home and put what they leant into action. Thank you to Elodie for spending time with Nursery and Reception.


Oral Health Week | TC2 & Reception

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