Posted: 11th October 2021

Leweston boarders visited Go Ape at the weekend and had an amazing time. They bravely tackled any fears of heights head on, demonstrating great physical and mental strength and, as a result, getting the very best out of the experience. Despite coming back to school feeling exhausted, they spent the evening raving about the fantastic day they had.

Their Go Ape activity coincided perfectly with the Boarding Schools Association’s ‘International Boarding Day’ which focused on the theme of Health and Wellbeing. At Leweston the boarding team are passionate about educating our boarders on the importance of physical and emotional health and wellbeing all year round, offering weekly sessions and activities including yoga, meditation, Wellwoman and Wellman clinics, as well as updating display boards in each House with tops tips and facts. Our weekend programme also provides boarders, and day students, with a variety of activities to strengthen their minds and bodies, and Go Ape was a perfect example of this.


Go Ape | Boarding Activity

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