Posted: 25th October 2021

Edwina Sutton (Carter), 1991-1998, is well placed to give advice on getting onto the career ladder after successfully starting her own business coaching runners, specialising in ultra-running and the pre and postnatal return to running.

Edwina was the first ever sports scholar at Leweston and after leaving went on to do a Sports degree and PGCE, then came back to teach at Leweston for two years.  She then went on to have a career as a Director of Sport at a number of schools, was a PE Inspector and lectured on the role and importance of sport for girls.

After having a family, Edwina wanted to try and create a career which still used her vast range of sporting experience, but that would allow her to be flexible to still look after the children and be a mum. She took her Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coaching qualifications and became a Running Coach, setting up her own business and co-hosting one of the most successful British running podcasts ’Run to the Hills.’ Alongside this, she continued to work on her own athletics pursuits representing GB as an Ironman Triathlete and England as an Ultra runner. She now lives in the French Alps with her family and 2 mad dogs!

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Tell us about your business and day to day role?

Currently nearly all of my work is done remotely which fits in well with our lifestyle in the mountains as I can manage family life, training and work according to the time of year and what is going on at home!

I coach between 30-40 athletes of all levels and abilities, all working towards a range of different goals, projects and adventures.

Any top tips for students who are just embarking on their careers?

At school I loved sport, I remember some of the teachers asking if I actually owned a uniform as I lived in my tracksuit! Though I enjoyed my studies, I knew I would always want a job that was active, that involved sport and that encouraged others to be active, healthy, and believe in themselves. I didn’t have my career path mapped out at the time (who does!), but I followed these fundamentals through life changes and this allowed me to adapt my career to fit in with my life rather than the other way round! I’m sure that is why I have remained passionate about my career and am so lucky never to have the Monday morning blues as I truly love what I do. Yes it is challenging and sometimes emotionally draining but, at the end of the day, it’s a huge privilege to be allowed to help others achieve their dream and I put that down to a lot of the encouragement and self believe and confidence I developed at Leweston.

How did your time at Leweston impact on your career?

The huge range of activities we were offered at school I am sure shaped who I am today. The sport I was able to play throughout school obviously set me in great stead for my physical endeavours, but the other life lessons were almost, if not more, important. The ability to juggle a busy family calendar and life, to be resilient and strive to be the best version of myself even when perhaps things aren’t going right. To keep practising, to keep learning, to enter a room with confidence, to speak your opinion with clarity, but always be prepared to listen to others. And, probably most importantly, to find the fun in all I do. Many of my Leweston memories are filled with the laughter, the mischief and the endless energy for life we all had. I try and carry this through in everything I do.

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