Posted: 2nd November 2021

This term, as part of our diverse Activities Programme, we have run a Music Tech Club taught by Alex Henshaw.

Utilising the facilities available in our on-site Music School and Recording Studio, the students placed microphones in position, ran cables, set up the camera shots, placed video lights, adjusted gain levels on the desk, queued musicians for recording, directed the musicians and gave constructive criticism, evaluated and adjusted the sound of the instruments to suit, and even had a go at mixing! Quite the feat for just a few weeks of attendance.

The video recordings below showcase the outstanding talent and creativity our Tech Club members possess. A big well done to:


Penny H
Orlando H
Reece W

Music tech members:

Anna K
Oliver D
Nicholas S
Ted S
Daisy M
Thomas H
Elizabeth L
Pearl R-W

A big thank you to Alex Henshaw for running this activity for the students.

Sk8ter Boy – Avril Lavigne (Penny H and Orlando H)

Ornithology – Charlie Parker (Reece W and Orlando H)

Arthur Mcbride – Paul Brady (Penny H and Daisy M)

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