Posted: 8th November 2021

Rosanna H, Year 12, shares her experience of moving up to Sixth Form and a typical day in the life of a Leweston Sixth Form student.

When I first started Year 12 I immediately understood “the jump” from GCSE to A Level that teachers and fellow students had discussed with us. Whilst some of my peers knew their exact career path, such as doctors, architects and environmental scientists, I was, and still am, relatively navigating in the dark. All I knew when starting Sixth Form was that I was interested in the subjects I had chosen; History, English Literature, Geography, and Classical Civilisation. This selection caters for my interest in history and literature whilst still allowing me to dip into the sciences with the inclusion of Geography. I have always enjoyed exploring the sciences, particularly Chemistry and Biology, but I still found that choosing my A Level subjects was a feat of its own. However, after following the advice of choosing what interests you most, I am studying a set of subjects I enjoy. The only problem now is deciding which three to pursue, although I feel that liking all of my subjects too much is not a bad position to find myself in!

A day in the life of a Leweston Sixth Former consists of arriving at school and heading to the Sixth Form Centre to meet your friends. We then go to  Tutor Time, followed by either a lesson or a study period. Study periods are both helpful in the sense that it reduces your workload when you get home in the evening and weekends, but they are also a good opportunity to socialise once you have completed your work. Many more areas of the school are open to you in Sixth Form and therefore we are able to go to the Café or hang out on the sofas in the Sixth Form Centre, as well as being able to focus on work in the Sixth Form Study Room or Eleanor Library – something you will spend a lot of time doing due to the increased workload that inevitably comes with A Levels.

One of the things I enjoy most about life in Sixth Form is the increased respect you receive from teachers and younger members of the school, whilst having the freedom to “cherry pick” from a range of extra-curricular activities that you feel you are able to balance with the academic side of Year 12. This said, the added respect and trust teachers have in you results in an increased expectation for good behaviour, a willingness to take on extra responsibilities for example, ensuring the common areas are tidy, taking prospective families and visitors on tours of the school, and being given Prefect titles in Year 13, as well as consistently ensuring you meet deadlines for work. In summary, if I could describe the Sixth Form experience in three words I would say that it is fun, challenging, and rewarding and something so far that I am really enjoying!

Rosanna, Year 12 student



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